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Hannah’s Story for Kindle

Hannah's Story Kindle Cover
The story of Hannah and her experiences with love has already been available in a few places, but now it reaches Kindle. It includes a revised version of the full story as well as a series of seven new illustrations. You can get it here in the UK and here in the US. It’s available in lots of other countries too through the magic of Amazon.

Sinful Submissions now

A large box arrived today that seems to have travelled an interesting journey to the UK from somewhere in the US with a brief detour to Germany. Presumably there is an underlying logic to the meandering. The net result is that the first, limited, collectible and remotely possible to one day be extremely valuable first print edition of Sinful Submissions is available from me now. The easiest way to get it is to head for the buy page of this website. All copies will be signed by me and numbered. For anyone that hasn’t heard it from before, this is my second published book and it contains a sequence of interconnected short stories on the nature of sin and passion and includes a diverse selection of graphic lewd behaviour and naughtiness. The book also contains more than twenty of my charcoal sketches. For those people that don’t read much, there’s an awful lot of sex in it so just open it somewhere random when you feel like it. There’ll probably be sex and nudity on the page somewhere.