A dialogue between two lesbians

I love technology, despite not having that seemingly innate ability and understanding of it that is apparently the primary province of the young. I love speed at which new ideas are adopted and discarded, the way that in such a short space of time something so novel can become adopted as being a basic part of the fundament of our collective existence. I love the opportunities that new technologies offer us, the way that they enable us to change the methods and behaviours with which we can interact, with the world and with each other. New and visionary ways of looking at and imagining our surroundings are being constantly defined and the desire to challenge the existing and develop the novel is surely a fundamental drive for everyone, without which we would long since have become stagnant, if we had ever been able to evolve at all. It is in the nature of our species to want to change things, to manipulate them to suit our imagination, even if it is ourselves that we are acting to change.

Two people meet by chance, late at night in a chat-room. They both share a common desire and hope to find its expression together.

Hotchick4girls: tell me about you


Femme18: i’m 18, petite, blonde and bi.


Hotchick4girls: you sound hot


Femme18: thanx. do you like girls?

Hotchick4girls: yeah. do you shave your pussy?

Femme18: always. it feels so nice.

Hotchick4girls: I love the feel of a smooth pussy.

Femme18: do you like the taste too?

Hotchick4girls: yeah. I love the taste of pussy.

Femme18: would you like to lick my pussy?

Hotchick4girls: I’d love to lick your pussy.

Femme18: tell me what you’d like to do to it.

Hotchick4girls: I’d like to start slow… play with it gently, get you lovely and wet.

Femme18: mmmm… yeah. tell me more.

Hotchick4girls: I’d love to lick at your clit and hear you moan

Femme18: keep going

Hotchick4girls: I want to squeeze your tits and slip my tongue into your pussy

Femme18: yeah, do it

Hotchick4girls: tell me about your tits

Femme18: 34c

Hotchick4girls: mmmm… lovely. I want to suck and squeeze them

Femme18: do it babe

Hotchick4girls: are your nipples hard?

Femme18: yeah, really hard.

Hotchick4girls: do you like it when I squeeze them?

Femme18: yeah, harder

Hotchick4girls: Is your pussy wet for me?

Femme18: so wet

Hotchick4girls: I love how it tastes

Femme18: suck it, make me cum

Hotchick4girls: how many fingers can I fit in you?

Femme18: mmm… try

Hotchick4girls: I know it’ll take 1 finger

Femme18: yeah

Hotchick4girls: and I bet it’ll take two

Femme18: ooohhh

Hotchick4girls: are you wet enough for 3?

Femme18: yeah, harder

Hotchick4girls: all four inside you:

Femme18: oh my god yes!

Hotchick4girls: fucking you with my fingers

Femme18: keep going

Hotchick4girls: wanna make you cum all over me

Femme18: yeah babe, fuck me

Hotchick4girls: rubbing your clit with my thumb as my fingers fuck you harder n faster

Femme18: yeah, gonna cum

Hotchick4girls: pushing harder n harder

Femme18: mmmm…. Yeah…. cumming…

Succumbing 15

Bill and Jim both sat back from their respective computers, their situations unconsciously mirroring each others. They were both sat alone at their desks, their rapidly softening cocks protruding obscenely from their trousers, desperately struggling to catch stray jets of their cum in hastily grabbed handfuls of tissue. They were each fearful of their excitement leaving a mess that might be perceivable by their wives the day after.

Moments like these had to be kept hidden, a shameful secret of a double life in the modern age. The two shared a moment together. They were not gay. They were just two young lonely, beautiful lesbians that shared a moment together. When their cocks had softened and their orgasms had faded away, they had nothing left to say to each other. Hopefully they enjoyed the random moment that they shared. Even when deception was at the core of their mutual intimacy, it was so equally balanced that neither could really claim to be deceived by it.

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