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Hannah's Story

Hannah’s Story

Erotic novelette telling the stories of a woman’s life and her experiences with men and women (mostly women).

Shared Secret

What are you supposed to do when the person you love can’t fuck you? An erotic novella.

People Eating

A short collection of stories about cannibalism.

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Death at the Olympian

Death at the Olympian

Will anyone make it out when death comes to the Olympian? A tale of family, betrayal and very old grudges.

Rebecca’s Story

A series of short ebooks in which a young woman makes a new friend who leads her to experience many new things, available exclusively from Amazon.

When Rebecca Met Paul

When Rebecca Met Paul, Rebecca’s Story Part 1
A chance meeting with a handsome stranger opens Rebecca’s eye to a world of pleasure.

Punishment & Reward, Rebecca’s Story Part 2
Rebecca spends more time with Paul, and finds that pleasure has its price.

Rebecca’s Graduation Dinner, Rebecca’s Story Part 3
Paul takes Rebecca out for a nice dinner to celebrate her graduation.

Proving Herself, Rebecca’s Story Part 4
Rebecca shows she’s willing to do whatever Paul tells her.

Moving Out & Moving On, Rebecca’s Story Part 5
Paul has an offer for Rebecca, but it isn’t what she expected.

Art & Passion, Rebecca’s Story Part 6
Rebecca moves into Paul’s apartment and they go out for a nice evening together.

Settling In, Rebecca’s Story Part 7
Rebecca adjusts to the pleasures and pains of life living with Paul.