Catullus Carmen 15

I trust you with my lover,
Aurelius. I’m ashamed to ask a favour,
That if you’ve ever valued something
Because it was pure and true, guard my boy’s shame
I’m not saying from people, I don’t worry
About them, passing now and then in the street
More focussed on their own lives
In truth it’s you I fear, and your cock
Which attacks boys good and bad
You give it what it wants, and what it wants is
As much as you wish. When it’s out, it’s ready
Make exception of this one boy, I’m ashamed to ask,
For if bad thoughts and senseless passion
Are so great to compel you, criminal, to blame
That you plot against me in your head,
You will face a cruel and miserable fate.
When you are tied down and your arse
Is run through with horseradish and a fish

Commendo tibi me ac meos amores,
Aureli. Veniam peto pudentem,
ut, si quicquam animo tuo cupisti,
quod castum expeteres et integellum,
conserves puerum mihi pudice,
non dico a populo, nihil veremur
istos, qui in platea modo huc modo illuc
in re praetereunt sua occupati,
verum a te metuo tuoque pene
infesto pueris bonis malisque.
Quem tu qua lubet, ut lubet moveto
quantum vis, ubi erit foris paratum:
hunc unum excipio, ut puto, pudenter.
Quod si te mala mens furorque vecors.
In tantam impulerit, sceleste, culpam,
ut nostrum insidiis caput lacessas.
A tum te miserum malique fati!
Quem attractis pedibus patente porta
percurrent raphanique mugilesque.

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