I’ll be posting some of the short fiction and poetry I’ve written here. I’ve written bits and pieces of a variety of genres including: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, erotica and contemporary fiction. Most things will be a combination of more than one of them.

Too Much 20th Century, a Jerry Cornelius Story

Michael Moorcock created the character of Jerry Cornelius in the late 60s and has used him and the literary style that developed with him in a lot of things over the years. The form has also been experimented with by a variety of other authors over the years and this story is my contribution to the form. For those that aren’t familiar with him, Jerry Cornelius is an assassin, scientist, musician and traveller through time and dimensions. Most stories include a selection of other set characters like Jerry’s devious brother Frank and Jerry’s counterpart Una Persson.

2 thoughts on “Shorts”

  1. hi ed, how do i get onto your poetry? i’m very interested to see/read what you’ve got up your sleeve! the souls of poets lie in white sheets……………not any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! e

  2. Poetry? I’m rubbish at it. Hence the sparse random leavings here. The big bad weird ramblings are my domain. Concise isn’t my forte…

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