Catullus Carmen 21

Aurelius, father of lusts
Not just these but those that have been,
Or are, or will be through the years
You want to fuck my love in the arse.
It’s not secret. You’re always with him, fooling around,
Clinging to his side, trying everything.
In vain you scheme, plotting against me.
My cock will be in your throat first
If that was all, I’d keep my peace.
What make me sad is this, the hunger
My boy will learn to thirst from you.
Which is why you must stop, while you’ve got your pride
Or you’ll end up choking on my cock.

Aureli, pater esuritionum,
non harum modo, sed quot aut fuerunt
aut sunt aut aliis erunt in annis,
pedicare cupis meos amores.
Nec clam: nam simul es, iocaris una,
haerens ad latus omnia experiris.
Frustra: nam insidias mihi instruentemtangam
te prior irrumatione.
Atque id si faceres satur, tacerem:
nunc ipsum id doleo, quod esurire
me me puer et sitire discet.
Quare desine, dum licet pudico,
ne finem facias, sed irrumatus.

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