Catullus Carmen 7

You ask how many times I want to fuck you,
My Claudia, before I’ll be satisfied.
How many sands are in the desert
In the lustful spicelands
Between the oracle of the boiling god
And the sacred tomb of the stuttering king?
Or as many stars are in the silent night’s sky
That watch men’s furtive love-making.
That’s how many fucks I want to fuck you
Before my madness will be complete.
More than the curious could count,
Or evil men tell stories about.

Quaeris, quot mihi basiationes
tuae, Lesbia, sint satis superque.
quam magnus numerus Libyssae harenae
lasarpiciferis iacet Cyrenis
oraclum Iovis inter aestuosi
et Batti veteris sacrum sepulcrum;
aut quam sidera multa, cum tacet nox,
furtivos hominum vident amores:
tam te basia multa basiare
vesano satis et super Catullo est,
quae nec pernumerare curiosi
possint nec mala fascinare lingua.

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