My first novel Beheld, published in 2006 by Kennedy & Boyd.

Michael is young, too well off to have to bother to work and bored. He divides his time between hanging around in the local pub drinking too much and talking high-minded nonsense with his devious friend Julian and having arguments with his girlfriend Sophie, frequently in the same evening. One night Julian gives him a capsule marked “TAP 100” – Total Accuracy of Perception, he claims. Unable to resist, Michael takes it the following day and experiences a moment of true perspective on the Universe, that it is all just countless spinning shapes with their own interplay that he is barely involved in. Interesting but hardly life-changing, he decides when it is over.

Rapidly Michael realises that there is more to TAP 100 than he first thought, his TV starts talking to him and seems to know more than him about what’s going on. People are coming after him, serious people with guns that can come back from the dead. Michael is forced to take a stand against them, caught between the world outside and the world he’s creating in his mind. After all, it can’t all be real, can it?

My second published book is Sinful Submissions, a collection of linked short stories about an observer pondering the nature of human passion and sin, telling the stories of different people as they try to live and love and reconcile themselves with their true natures, for better or worse. Stories include Svetlana and why she decided that being a “mail-order” bride might not be so bad after all, how Melinda learned to give men what they wanted and the tragic tale of the artist Antoine. It contains a lot of explicit content and more than twenty nude drawings by me. The text of this book was written within the terms of NaNoWriMo 2010. It’s available in signed and numbered copies from me here and you can also buy it as a book and ebook from Amazon in lots of countries. You can find sample chapters from it here and here.

Originally written within NaNoWriMo 2011, this book revisits stories from Sinful Submissions and introduces many new characters, as our narrator ponders the nature of lust and passion and the price people pay when they give in to their desires.

Stories include:
Why Antoine stopped using paint
How Lucille became a woman and lost a friend
When Hannah wanted what Jen couldn’t give her
What love did to Lewis

Also includes more than twenty nude drawings and original translations of two of Catullus’ best known erotic poems. Available here and from Amazon as a book and ebook.

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