A story about a cock

This is a story about a cock, it and the man it was attached to. The man’s name was Sam. The cock didn’t have a name, to begin with at least. It wasn’t an especially remarkable cock, neither so big nor so small that it deserved a lot of attention for size alone. What the cock was good at was giving women that special feeling. Women really liked it and it liked women. Sam also liked women and he liked to think that it was all down to him that the women kept coming back to him and sending their friends his way, but it wasn’t. Sam wasn’t anything special, it was the cock that had the power. The women went to it and rode it and it made them feel good in a way that nothing else could and when they left afterwards, never that long afterwards, because Sam himself wasn’t really worth hanging around for, they also wanted to come back to get that feeling again.

The cock liked all this attention and it swelled with pride every time one of the women said something nice about it so that after they left it was just a little bit bigger than it had been. The women started to notice, but only because it was making that feeling even better than it had been before. Sam started to notice too, but he thought it showed just how good at it he was. So, the women kept coming to him and getting what they wanted and the cock kept growing each time it happened. After a while it was so big that it was getting in the way of Sam but there wasn’t much he could do to stop it and anyway, the women didn’t mind. They just had to remember to bring some food round for Sam when they came to visit the cock.

As the years went by the cock got bigger and bigger and wider and wider until now it was more like a hill than a cock. People had pretty much forgotten about Sam now, all they knew about was the hill that the cock had become, a place where women still liked to go and clumnb to the top and feel that feeling in a way that they couldn’t anywhere else. They still bought food with them as well, but just because it was the tradition. Now it was so big that no-one could recognise it for what it had been, dust and dirt built up all around it and slowly plants took root and grew all the way up it but even now, if you looked hard enough in the right places, not that anyone wanted to, you would be able to find these little things ticking out of the sides of the base of the hill, things that had been Sam’s hands and feet and head. Not that anyone would miss him, the thing that he had been best at was still there for every woman that wanted it to see and get that feeling.

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