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Bank holiday special?

Monday is the May Day bank holiday, even if it is a far from actual May Day as you can get. Sinful Submissions will be available for free from Amazon as a kindle ebook over the weekend. It was quietly free on actual May Day and caught some attention, and it’ll be free for this surrogate May Day that is the one that is a day off for at least some of us. The exact timing seems complicated because they always do things their own way but it should be from about 8am Saturday in British money. It’ll be available from different national flavours of Amazon, such as:


Please, download it, take a look. It would also be a bonus if you paid for it, whether for an ebook or one of the limited first edition of the print books that can be bought here. Tney’ll all be signed and numbered and the next few copies will also include an original sketch in the style of the ones in the book. Read the book and it’ll all make sense.

As it says in the book, its starting point was Nos Calan Gaeaf in 2010, also known as Halloween. It’s opposite counterpart in the year is Nos Galan Mai, the night of April 30th. Due to the vicissitudes of British bank holidays the day we’re officially allowed to notice this is a week late this year. The night before May Day and Halloween are days known as Ysbrydnos in Welsh. This means “spirit’s night” and they are times in the year when the spirits of the dead are said to walk. The book will tell you more.

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